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Mathieu Lefebvre

President of Terminex Pest Control

Terminex Pest Control offers protection for you and your family from a wide variety of pests whether it is insects or wildlife. We pride ourselves on our professional and fast services to ensure our customer's satisfaction. We provide services for residential homes, cottages and campgrounds as well as commercial buildings. At Terminex, we work with our clients to resolve pest problems and also prevent them from happening again while providing pest removal information.

People are saying about Terminex

Thank you Matthieu at Terminex!! The service was fast and amazingly effictive! No more wasp in the house we are going to sleep tonight ! "
-Anonymous from Bourget

I did business with terminex this summer and I am very satisfied! Thank you

Ant problems? The experts at Terminex quickly and professionaly fixed the problem. Thanks again!

Terminex is fantastic! They were able to get rid of my super giant carpenter ant nest in a cedar tree on my property in one visit! Now the ants are all gone and I can finally sleep nightmare free! Thanks a bunch!